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As The Leading ”Doctor To Patient” (D2P) Book Publisher, We Redefine The Evolution Of Patient Education So You Can Get More New Patients Faster
If You’re A Successful Doctor,
We Will
Publish Your Book Or Even Write A Book About You And Your Practice

Imagine speaking with a prospective patient about a procedure and at the end of your consultation, you give them an autographed copy of your book…authored by YOU.  Whether the prospective patient reads the book or not…in that prospect’s mind…you are positioned as the Trusted Expert…a Guru…THE recognized authority in your medical or dental field.  Discover how you can can skyrocket from dental or medical professional to sought-after Celebrity Doctor and Health Expert who wrote the book on helping patients…while enjoying complete peace of mind with an endless supply of new patients.


Remember all the prospective patients who you met with for an initial consultation, who were on the fence, but who ultimately did not accept treatment?  You know, the fish that got away.  Would they have probably swung the other way and converted from prospect to patient if you gave them a signed copy of your very own book?

Let’s face it…writing a book is the ultimate symbol of authority in our culture.  However, who has time to write a book when you have a busy practice?

Contact us now to discover how we can work together to quickly write, edit and publish a beautiful book for consumers and position you as the #1 expert in your market.

Marketing your practice with a book isn’t just about making millions…It’s about impacting millions.  This isn’t about ego, or loving the spotlight as a Bestselling Author that gets tons of positive publicity.  It’s about something bigger: it’s about sharing your message and helping as many people achieve total health and wellness along with improved self-confidence.

Your new book will be the ultimate Psychological Trust Trigger.  Trust Converts Prospects Into More Patients.

Give 100 patients the choice between two doctors and tell them that their training, facilities and prices are more or less the same…However, by the way, Doctor “A” wrote a book on the subject of the procedure.  Who is going to “close” the most patients and obtain the highest case acceptance?  The prospective patients don’t even have to read the book.  The published author, by implication, is going to have more credibility, more authority and ultimately more patients.

Your very own book will attract patients and persuade them to accept your treatment recommendations so you can completely restore their health, beauty and self-confidence.

Doctor Book Publishing provides a Patient Getting System that transforms you into an author fast so you can GET MORE NEW PATIENTS FASTER.  Becoming a published author helps you increase case acceptance, boost referrals, generate positive publicity and dominate page one of Google.

By now you may realize, we will coach you on how to utilize your book to psychologically influence people to the point where they feel subconsciously obligated and even consciously compelled to refer you more patients including their friends, family and colleagues.

When you become a published author, we will share with you Step-By-Step exactly what to say, how to say it and even what tone of voice to say it in.

We will give you the exact hypnotic language patterns, the exact scripts and the exact vocal tonality to use so you convert MORE prospects into patients FASTER.  We insist you promise to use our Mastering the Language of Influence and Persuasion System with kindness and use it responsibly because it is very powerful…it’s almost like mind control.

Publishing & Printing
Publishing & Printing
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Providing their clients with the highest level of patient and customer acquisition success currently available in the marketplace, Joseph Preston and Phillip Guye lead a dedicated team that helps many of the nation’s preeminent doctors, dentists, medical practices and hospitals as well as companies ranging in size from start-ups to the Fortune 1000.

Amazon #1 bestselling co-authors of five books, Joseph Preston and Phillip Guye also created the only proprietary “Patient Getting” system for establishing an emotional bond and human connection between prospect and doctor before they ever meet for an initial consultation.













Impress your patients, convert more prospects into patients and make your competitors green with envy. When you join our team of published authors, this is a small list of who we can influence on your behalf…

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